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Outdoor Adventurous Activities -
Covering the weather, orienteering, team building, campcraft and trails.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for comment from Martin Smith, Outdoor and Environmental Education Development Manager, Nottingham City Council.

As with previous titles in the series, the resource starts with an introduction which explains how OAA can cross link to other areas of curriculum and be used to support literacy, numeracy and other areas of learning. Guidance is also provided on children’s safety, facilities and equipment and the organisation of activities. The Long Term Plan explains how each of the subjects progresses unit by unit. For each of the three units there is a lesson by lesson overview and QCA expectations, followed by the individual lesson plans for each year group.

OAA is presented in three units, each of which is suitable for use across both KS1 and KS2, and covers topics such as the weather, orienteering, team building, campcraft and trails.

There are 12 lesson plans in each of the three units making 36 individual lesson plans in total. 26 teaching and learning resources are supplied, most of which can be photocopied straight from the book and used as handouts for children to record information.

A list of resources required is provided for each lesson, including equipment and whiteboards etc. Lesson plans are also cross referenced where applicable to the OEAP Outdoor Learning Cards, although you do not need these cards to be able to deliver the lessons.

All the schemes are closely linked to the four strands of the National Curriculum:

  • Acquiring and Developing
  • Selecting and Applying
  • Improving and Evaluating
  • K and U of Fitness and Health

As with the other schemes, OAA has been developed and written in partnership with Sharon Robinson, a highly regarded consultant in this field.

  • developed through the Rawmarsh School Sport Partnership Programme
  • written by a Physical Education Consultant
  • visually presented to enable busy teachers to find what they want, when they want it
  • produced by specialists in education marketing

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Users Comments

The full range of Rawmarsh School Resources have been well received by the teaching profession as a whole. Martin Smith, the Outdoor and Environmental Education Development Manager with Nottingham City Council, has been heavily involved in the production of the new OEAP cards, and this is what he said about the OAA Scheme:

In relation to recent developments in Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA) and Learning Outside the Classroom the production of this document is extremely timely.

The launch of the DCSF Outdoor Learning Manifesto in 2006 and the subsequent Ofsted report into Learning Outside the Classroom in 2008 have placed outdoor learning high on the educational agenda. Outdoor and Adventurous Activities play an important role within Learning Outside the Classroom and when planned and implemented well, contribute ‘significantly to raising standards and improving pupils’ personal, social and emotional development’ (Learning Outside the Classroom: How far should you go? Ofsted, October 2008). This latest document, from RCS, certainly supports teaching staff in the development of well-planned OAA and goes a step further by making cross-curricular links to literacy, numeracy and other areas of learning. The three units of work described in the document provide a clear framework for developing a progressive OAA curriculum, in both the medium and longer term. The learning objectives in each unit enable both teachers and pupils to realise clear outcomes from each lesson and the links made to the QCA ‘A scheme of work for key stages1 and 2’ will reassure teachers of the approach taken.

The well planned and challenging activities incorporated within many of the lessons will engage a broad spectrum of children and meet many of the outcomes of High Quality Outdoor Education, outlined in the English Outdoor Council document of that name, published in 2005. The activities will also compliment the new Outdoor Learning Cards, produced by the Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel, indeed, the OAA scheme as a whole will provide a useful framework to deliver many of the Outdoor Learning Cards, which are also referenced in the Lesson Plans.

In producing this complete scheme for OAA Sharon Robinson has brought her wealth of practical experience and knowledge to bring to life OAA in the school setting for pupils at both Key stage 1 and 2. This document will provide valuable support for teachers who are uncertain as to how to deliver OAA in the school setting, or who may feel intimidated about even delivering OAA. I can only highly recommend this resource and suggest that by implementing the scheme it will contribute to the delivery of high quality physical education.

Martin Smith
Outdoor and Environmental Education Development Manager
Nottingham City Council.

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