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LF/KS1 & KS2 Games

Covering Invasion, Net/Wall, Striking and Fielding

The resource starts with a Long Term Plan which explains how each of the skill areas progress through the Key Stages and Years, looking at Actions, Tactics, Paired and Group Work etc.

For each year-by-year section of lesson plans there is information on how literacy, numeracy and other areas of learning can benefit from Games, followed by a lesson by lesson overview, overall learning objectives and QCA Expectations. An introduction at the start of each section defines Striking/Fielding Games, Net Games and Invasion Games.

Games is presented as two separate books, one each for LF/KS1 and KS2, sold individually or as a set.

There are 20 lesson plans for Late Foundation and 24 lesson plans for each year of KS1 in one book, with 24 lesson plans for each year of KS2 in a second book. There are 164 individual lesson plans in total in the complete resource.

The LF/KS1 book has 16 teaching and learning resources, while there are 44 in the KS2 book, each explaining Games principles in detail. The movements and actions described in the teaching and learning resources are cross linked where appropriate to the lesson plans throughout.

A list of resources required is provided for each lesson, including equipment and whiteboards etc.

All the schemes are closely linked to the four strands of the National Curriculum:

  • Acquiring and Developing
  • Selecting and Applying
  • Improving and Evaluating
  • K and U of Fitness and Health

As with the other schemes, Games has been developed and written in partnership with Sharon Robinson, a highly regarded consultant in this field.

  • developed through the Rawmarsh School Sport Partnership
  • written by a Physical Education Consultant
  • visually presented to enable busy teachers to find what they want, when they want it
  • produced by specialists in education marketing

Games Late Fondation Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 prices


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