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"It is through effective assessment that the teacher knows whether or not, and to what extent, pupils have learned what was intended"

This cd allows for individual and group tracking and will support personalised learning across the primary phase, and highlights pupils with particular needs, including able and talented and SEN. This information ensures that pupils make smooth transition between year groups and across key stages.

Assessment, Recording and Reporting is a simple to used CD-ROM.The CD should be copied on to the school computer hard-drive as a master file, and then copies made for each year group. There isn't a limit on how many copies can be made within the school which purchased it, how many teachers can use it within that school, or over how many years it can be used.

The CD is based on the National Curriculum and all schools will be able to use it. However, the Games, Gymnastics, and Dance resources produced by RCS Professional Development are closely linked with this Assessment pack.

As Gymnastics, Dance and Games are taught all year round they are the core activities for assessment. Feedback from primary schools has been that they prefer to get assessment of these three core activities right.


The Assessment Target Overview section provides clear descriptions and numbers the 5 levels of ability for each of the four strands of the National Curriculum.


Each child's name is entered on it's class record sheet, along with their attainment level for the four strands of the National Curriculum, in the core areas of activity - Gym, Dance and Games.

The spreadsheet works out the modal level as the data is input. At the end of each Key Stage, the data is colour coded in line with QCA giving easy visual indication of pupils attainment.

An Out of Hours facility also records students other sporting and leadership achievements.

Once a class group has been entered it doesn't have to be entered again, and the Recording Sheet can be re-used with each years progression through the school (and it can be amended as pupils leave and join).


The standards outlined on the Assessment sheet, together with individual records of pupil attainment and Out of Hours reports can be easily combined to form comprehensive records for parents and/or teachers.

Assessment Recording and Reporting summary


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